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The Process

Hey Saskatchewan! So your project is in view. You know what you want renovated, but how does this whole "countertop fabrication thing" work? How long will it take and what do we have to consider when diving into a countertop renovation?


Have no fear!


Here is a short run-down of what to expect. If you'd like the full detailed version, (usually once you've chosen your stone, you may want to read the detailed version) you can find it here:


1. Design & Selection

Come view our stone colours and styles! We can help you pair your stone with other finishes you've picked out. You'll choose the right stone and put down a 50% deposit.

2. Confirm your Booking

We'll confirm your timeline and template date! We can only do the template once your cabinets are installed (or if you're keeping the original cabinets, we just need your old countertops removed).

3. Template

One of our templators will come to your home and use our high tech machinery to create a fully digital template of your countertop surface area. With digital, you know you're getting the most accurate measurements possible!

4. Time to Fabricate!

We then take the template back to the fab shop and your counters will be fab'd within 7-14 days.

5. Install

We'll come install it on the scheduled date! (View the detailed process document to view how to prepare for your install).

6. You enjoy your new kitchen and write us a stellar review! ; )

Follow-up call to make sure you are 100% satisfied! Seriously though, a review on Google would be really appreciated!


Six Steps. And we'll help you through it all! Give us a call or book an in-home consult and measure.

We would love to help!

Detailed Process Document

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