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Terms of Use

Although we encourage you to share our photos, blogs, and other content, we ask that you respectfully link the content back to us. For more details read below:

Intellectual Property

  • All information on this site is the property of the owner of the site, Luxury Granite and its employees, and is protected by intellectual property laws.

Republication Policy

  • You may share or link any blog posts or photos using social media, or links. We will review and approve or deny links at our own discretion. Again, we encourage sharing and will only take action if we find someone is using our content for selfish gains, to promote our work as their own, or to act against the company and its employees. To protect our site, we require that you follow these rules when using or sharing our content:

    • Limit to one Luxury Granite photo per post; the photo must be the original from the post, no editing.

    • All photos must be linked to the original source or

    • A limit of 125 words from the original source; must be exactly the same as the original. You must receive special permissions to publish more than 125 words.

    • A link to Luxury Granite and credit or a link in the form of a credit must accompany anything used from this site, the linked Instagram, Facebook, Houzz, YouTube, and other social accounts.

Limited Liability

We at Luxury Granite do our best to provide accurate information. However, there is the possibility of errors.

  • Everything provided through this site is only provided as a suggestion and should be used at the reader’s own discretion.

  • Luxury Granite and the authors are not responsible for any damages caused by using or sharing any of the content provided on this site.


  • Luxury Granite will absolutely not tolerate any harmful or abusive comments; they will be deleted at the site owner’s discretion. If the same commenter continues to leave abusive/harmful comments or spam, they will be blocked from commenting indefinitely.

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