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Our range offers unique quality and features. Easy to install and available in various colors. London Series (waterproof laminate collection) is durable with high-quality top layer Eco-friendly HDF board Water-resistant waxed edges. Also, the collection has AC4 Wear Rating, drop Click-Lock System, Registered Emboss (EIR) with painted-bevel edges. London Laminate made from Extra high-density board with enhanced technology to be waterproof for 72 hours. It is ideal for busy spaces, households with children and pets, and high traffic areas like doorways or halls, also suitable for commercial use for its high durability and water resistance.


  • Homes Pro London Laminate 8mm thick. Residential Laminate Flooring and Commercial Laminate flooring grade AC4, locking click system for easy installation. Woodgrain textured matte oil finish.
  • Flooring warehouse, D&R Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring: 8 X 195 X 1215 mm, (8 Pc/Box), 20.40 Sf/Box.

London 331 Iva

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