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Price Matching

Looking to compare your options? If a local competitor is selling the same products as us, you can bring your quote from them and we'll match the price! You get the same product, for the same price, with the added benefit of Luxury Granite's high quality fabrication, installation, and service!

What you need to know

The Quote

Bring a quote from a local competitor that was made within the last 2 months for any of the products mentioned below.
We can price match all quartz that we have access to from these suppliers: Hanstone, Caesarstone, Silestone, and LG Viatera.
We will price match any of our in-stock granite. This means that it must be the exact same type of stone quoted, and we need to have it in our showroom or warehouse. 
It must be the exact same stone quoted, we are not able to match similar stones because each stone comes from a different place around the world and has a different cost. We will still keep in mind that some stones do have 2 or 3 different names, so it will be up to the discretion of the Luxury Granite sales team to recognize what names refer to the same stone, and what ones are different materials altogether. If we do not have the stone you want in stock, we could match the stone price but would have to add an additional service charge. 

The Match

Bring your quote to us, and we will happily give you the same price, along with our incredible service and workmanship!

*Conditions may apply. Luxury Granite reserves the right to not price-match in instances where pricing is not realistic. 
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