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Feature Project: Tyson & Kayla

We had the great pleasure of working with Tyson and Kayla on this beautiful renovation! Kayla was kind enough to not only let us into their home to photograph the finished product, but also share their experience. Take a read below!

Photo: Little Biz Marketing

Q: Why did you choose to work with luxury?

A: During our adventures in looking for the right stone for our kitchen, Luxury was having a fabulous sale. Not only were there so many gorgeous pieces of stone to choose from at a great price, but Amber was amazing to work with from the time we walked in the door. Amber helped eliminate colours of stone that wouldn’t fit our kitchen design right off the bat, and we immediately were looking at stones that not only fit our design, but fit our budget. Other luxury staff also made sure we got the best view of our stone, with as much lighting as possible in the storage warehouse. Within 45 minutes, we had a slab of stone chosen and purchased for our project!

Photo: Little Biz Marketing

Q: What is our style?

A: Definitely modern country chic! Our kitchen reflects a warm and cozy atmosphere, with a modern twist on the very popular country/farmhouse theme. The combination of 100 year old reclaimed barn wood, and the very chic decor items, creates the perfect combination to give a taste of both sides.

Photo: Emily Gust

Q: What was your vision and how did it come together?

A: Our vision for our kitchen was creating an open space, from a small/closed space, with more natural light, within a cozy, warm, modern design. Our first step was to design our kitchen layout. We did this essentially on our own, with a piece of paper and pencil! Once we changed our layout a few times, we finally came up with the one that we loved most. From there, we sat down with James at DIY Cabinet Warehouse and he plugged it into a computer design program, alone with the proper building codes to make sure we had everything covered. He was patient, and put our vision into a plan. We started off by choosing our cabinets. We went with an antique white coloured cabinet, with a profile that allowed a combination of rounded and sharp edges to provide more esthetics on a basic cabinet. Antique white allowed us to work with a mixture of colours and styles to achieve our end result. We chose dark hardware, with a brushed brass finish, to create a modern antique finish. From these first basic details, we created our esthetics design around them! Our contractor and friend, Kurt, suggested during mid renovation, that we cover our support beam in barn wood. Being the “authentic designer” type that I am, I went and took down a 100 year old barn, so that we could make the style as authentic as possible. We decided to use the barn wood as crown moulding above the cabinetry as well. This created an absolute unique addition to our kitchen. Kurt made suggestions along the way for details of how things should go up, or look ideally, and this allowed us to make decisions along the way. All of the decor, lighting, and final details came from a modern country chic theme. With bottomless mason jar pendant lights with vintage bulbs, to metal bar stools with a wooden seat.

Photo: Little Biz Marketing

Q: What drew you to the stone you chose?

A: The stone we chose really just kind of fell into our lap. We knew we wanted a stone that has some creams and greys, as we couldn’t have much white due to the antique white cabinets. The moon white stone is a fabulous combination of greys, cream, and accents of a deep grey/purple tone throughout. We also loved the natural shimmer parts of the stone shows. We loved the accent colour in the stone, and the cream tied in absolutely perfectly with the antique white cabinet colour. The texture of the stone is deep, and compliments the colours throughout the kitchen.

Photo: Little Biz Marketing

Before and After

Project owners: Tyson B & Kayla L

Date of project install: July 2018

Project Contractor: Kurt Muehmel

Cabinet provider: DIY Cabinet Warehouse

Stone type/colour: moon white granite

Luxury sales/designer: Amber - she was the sales gal who helped us choose our stone, but we also worked with Amber with all of our scheduling needs!

Thanks Kayla and Tyson (and the dogs too)!

You can have our Luxury Granite project featured by filling out this form!

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