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Come to the Dark Side...

Dark countertops are becoming more popular for those looking to make a bold statement and minimising maintenance. Many people are looking to tone down all the natural light in their homes, to add a warmer feel, or just add darker tones into their home. The best thing about these countertops? They typically work very well with older cabinet colours (such as honey oak) meaning you can save money by keeping your old cupboards!

Unlike previous years that saw a lot of browns in the dark counters, many of the dark countertops going in now have black undertones or are nearly completely black. Here are some of our favourites!

Vanilla Noir from Caesarstone

Featured in 1621 Club's bar!

This dark brown-black quartz features subtle veining that changes hues depending on the lighting and gives a very natural look to the stone. This was used recently in 1621 Club (above) to help create a warm and luxurious look.

Titanium (polished)

Also available in Titanium Leather, this granite is one of our best selling darker stones. Each slab varies in colour from lots of white veins to huge sweeps of gold. This stone pairs especially well with oak cabinets!

Marquina from Silestone

Part of the new Eternal Series, Marquina is a perfect mix of clean and natural. Inverted from the typical go-to marble (white with dark veins), this stone will definitely take centre stag in any home!

Let's lighten it up a bit now

Steel Grey

One of our budget friendly stones, Steel Grey is a uniquely subtle granite with beautiful quartz flecks throughout each slab. It's easy on your budget AND easy on the eyes!

Raven from Caesarstone

This quartz just breaks over the line between black and grey, offering a less intense and more versatile option for homeowners looking for darker tops.

Charcoal Soapstone from Silestone

Featured in the 2017 Hospitals of Regina Grand Prize Show Home by Trademark Homes, this stone is a beautiful mimic of a subtle grey soapstone with white veining. This unique quartz is part of the Silestone Eternal series.

Marengo from Silestone

Featured in 1621 Club men's washrooms!

Finally, this quartz has a little bit more brown in it than our previous materials, but still holds onto the dark features that we love! Like in the 1621 Club photo above, this stone pairs well with grey veining in marble and porcelain tiles, and makes all that shiny steel look extra sharp!

There are many more options available at Luxury! Contact us or come see us in our showroom to learn more.

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