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Alyssa's Picks of the Month for May!

Hi friends! So my intentions to do a video of my favourite picks of the month every month hasn't quite panned out.. haha. What can I say? My kids and my business keep me very busy, and lots has been happening at Luxury! Have you heard about our Yard Sale happening on May 5th?! 8:30-4pm, so many discounts, and so many hamburgers and hotdogs you won't want to miss! Kids welcome!!

But let's get to it--here are my faves for May!

This natural quartzite stone is from our brand new stock that arrived recently. It's a stunning stone, and with so many colours and shades going on throughout, it's difficult to find colours that don't go with it! We call it Dark because it has a lot darker accents than it's counterpart Brown Fantasy Light ↓

Brown Fantasy (light)

This is the same type of stone as the dark one above, but as mother nature is the one who decides on what her stone looks like, the colours and patterns vary from batch to batch! We love this colouring though. It has a lot more grey, beige, and whites, which are classic shades, so you just can't go wrong!

Lucy in the Sky

I always start singing when I talk about this granite! (You know the Beatles song, right?) ;)

This gorgeous stone has a lot of movement and character. I love the depth it has and mixture of light and dark throughout. I keep thinking it would make a STUNNING waterfalled island. (With book-matched veins! oh man!)

Blue Fantasy

You guys, this photo can't do this stone justice. It's a beauty. With blues, greys, browns and whites mixed in, this stone's swirling patterns and quartz deposits are mesmerizing. If these colours would fit your space, be sure to come see it in person.

Desert Silver

Onto quartz! This is a brand new colour in the Eternal series from Silestone. It has a light grey base with intricate, long, white veining throughout the stone that's placed in a way that looks like the stone was actually made naturally by the earth. Looks amazing. You can come see it in our showroom.

White Solace

This quartz is another brand new colour, from LG Viatera. White Solace is a beautifully subtle stone with hints of both grey and light brown patterning. When I see this stone I think of it as calm and serene, perfect for a luxurious bathroom or a sunlit kitchen.

Well that's all for now! Hope you like my fave's for the month. Be sure to come see them in person if you can! We have lots of slabs stocked up for you to see, feel, and fall in love with!

Happy spring everyone!

~ Alyssa

p.s. don't forget our Yard Sale is May 5th! Incredible savings! :)

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