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Alyssa's Picks of the Month for September

Woo! Summer just flew right by. That's ok here at Luxury though, because we have something exciting coming later this month! Stay tuned to the website and our social media to find out what it is ;)

But now to why you're here! My picks of the month for September are all about that new season feel!

Montblanc Quartz by Caesarstone

We (finally) had the chance to do a project in this beautiful quartz! The project was a very unique one in that the majority of the house was cladded in plywood, allowing this stunning colour to pop in every application.

Arara Blue Granite

Brand new to us, this spectacular granite is almost everything we love about granite mixed into one slab! From milky white sweeps to truly blue minerals and dark black chunks, this masterpiece of the earth is a stunner in every sense of the word. Definately one you need to see in person (even our shop guys said "wow!" when we moved it in)!

White Spring Granite

Another brand new stone, White Spring is perfect for that expresso cabinet (or any darker colour really). With beautiful ruby coloured veins accented by iron, giving it a "rusted" look. There's more though! This particular group of slabs has fun chunks of black and white stone hidden throughout (see the close up photo)!

Remeber to keep up with us to find out what is coming later this month!

- Alyssa

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