Alyssa's Picks of the Month for October

Fall is definitely here, which means so much more unique design! My picks this month are inspired by the beautiful fall colours. So let's get to it!

Bianco Antico Granite

This granite is one of the classics!

Smokey Mountain Granite

The smoke isn't something that's been hard to imagine... I'm sure you noticed the hazy late summer sky caused by all those wildfires! This stone is kind of an homage to those skies (and even looks like the movement of the smoke from satellite images) with wispy flowing patterns on a white to cream undertones.

Urban Safari Quartz by Caesarstone

This sandy coloured stone is not at all what you'd expect to find in most modern kitchens. Taking a step back from the traditional white, Urban Safari brings some beautiful veining and a blissfully warm tone to any room it is installed in. Take a look at the project photos to see just how modern this stone can look!

Come by and see us for more beautiful, fall inspired colours in our showroom! I know you'll love them.

- Alyssa

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