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Alyssa's Picks of the Month for July!

June is over, and what a month it was. Last week we had the privilege of contributing to a great cause with the Gear Up for Kids Golf Classic with the Jon Ryan Foundation! It was an incredible couple days -- providing the silent auction with a $4000 gift certificate, attending the comedy show and enjoying a great day of golf with friends to raise money for athletic gear for kids in Saskatchewan! Anyways! Onto my Picks of the Month for July!



This stone has great depth with a large range of patterning -- from big quartz chips to tiny specks of sparkle, it all works together to create large flowing movement throughout the stone. It's pieces like this that make me stop and think about how amazing it is that the Earth can create something this beautiful over hundreds of years.

Biscotti Granite | Luxury Granite | Regina Countertops



This stone is absolutely stunning. With dark flowing veins and in this jumbo size slab, we just can't help but stare. It would brighten up any space, giving it a modern yet warm feel, also with the added benefit of looking like marble, but much less maintenance!

Opus Quartzite | Luxury Granite | Regina Countertops



You guys. This brand new Quartz colour from Caesarstone is incredible.

Please just come see it in our showroom. This photo can't do it justice!!

Caesarstone Quartz, Excava | Luxury Granite | Regina Countertops

Here're a closeup:

If you're thinking about countertops, this is the best time to do it -- with summer here and your patio & BBQ just waiting to take over while your kitchen is getting beautified!

Plus we're offering 20% OFF your entire purchase: only until July 21st!

Hope to see you soon! Thanks for checking out my blog!

- Alyssa

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