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Alyssa's Picks of the Month: February

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

We have so many beautiful stones in our warehouse it’s hard to choose favourites! But I have managed to break down a list of my top five picks for this month (thank goodness I can show you all my other favourites next month!).


This stones has pops of gold and looks great with white or oak cabinets! Always one of a kind, we can guarantee your project will stand out with Titanium!

Carrara Honed Marble

“Honed” means it has a matte finish as opposed to polished. Sometimes people are more leery of this higher maintenance stone, but if you’re into it like I am, the unmatched beauty of this stone will outweigh some of the downfalls like staining or maintenance. After all, marble absorbs your life, why not celebrate that?


The colours are fantastic! Whites, blacks, glittery pieces. This stone goes amazing with all kinds of cabinet colours.

Grey Fantasy Leather

Leathered stones have deeper texter and less sheen, giving a lot more interest to the stone. Everyone who has installed this stone can’t get enough of it!

Ocean Jasper Quartz

A sparkly stone with lots of depth and colour! This fun quartz is definitely growing in popularity. So pretty, so fun, and looks sooo nice!

Make sure to follow @LuxuryGranite on Instagram to see next months picks!


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