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Alternative Surfaces

Contact us by phone or email to talk about our porcelain options!

These 6mm thin porcelain slabs are gorgeous and lightweight, making it perfect for showers, fireplaces, countertops, and pretty much any surface! From marble looks to concrete, Maxfine can achieve the look you desire. 

Porcelain based slabs specifically made for its durability and zero maintenance. These slabs are also able to be “book-matched” which means that even with multiple slabs and corners, all the veining patterns will match up perfectly! This is absolutely stunning on a full-height backsplash, or a waterfalled island!

12mm porcelain slabs.

Countertops | Fireplaces | Walls | Floors | Indoor & Outdoor Applications

SapienStone is design, innovation and quality. A leading company that has its roots in a great deal of experience in manufacturing large porcelain stoneware slabs for floors and walls, developed by Iris Ceramica Group in over fifty years of business activity. SapienStone is now able to offer highly customisable solutions for excellent kitchen worktops: exclusive surfaces capable of being integrated with any style, environment and especially with all requirements. 

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